SBT is curated by Alison, who owns two mated green cheek conures, PeeWee and Birdie. Originally, Alison joked to friends that she would start documenting all the silly homemade toys she makes for her parrots. Which got her thinking about all the good, bad and downright ugly bird toys and treats out there. Why not consolidate the best (and the worst) for other parrot owners to see?

PeeWee is a six year old green cheek conure, with it a bit of Pineapple or Cinnamon mutation in him. He is a very feisty but intelligent greeny, who knows over 10 words and phases and a few tricks! PeeWee has a habit of picking his feathers, but is otherwise a healthy and mischievous little guy. He loves bottle caps and popsicle sticks. His favourite purchased toy is anything with a bell on it.

Birdie is PeeWee’s mate, and has a bit of indigo at the nape of her neck. She doesn’t talk or do tricks like PeeWee does, but loves to make kissy sounds. She loves to play with fabrics above all other items. Her favourite purchased toy is Shreddies by Company.

SBT is based out of Canada, and serves as additional income to help pay for PeeWee and Birdie through affiliate links found throughout this site.